Stunning 62mm THORINDER grinder

Window lid with magnetic closure
Diamond-shaped teeth
In beautiful gift box
A great designed packing box with logo
AN AFTER GROW seal on the top of the box
Available in several colors

Manufacturer: After Grow Size: 4-part Diameter: 62mm
Thorinder Grinder by After Grow | 62mm
The After Grow Grinder from Thorinder, is a quality Grinder, made from Aircraft Grade Aluminium and Stainless Steel. Designed to compete with the likes of Santa Cruz Shredders and Mendo Mulchers.

With an ergonomic grip and a clear top. The unique lightning bolt design which makes the difference as most clear top grinders have plastic teeth, this has metal teeth machined into the lightning bolts. The Thorinder 62mm grinder is available in 5 colors; silver, orange, green, blue and a special edition red with green. Please select your preferred color when ordering the item.


Original Thorinder Grinder by After Grow

The Thorinder™ is one of the best and most satisfying Herb Grinder on the Market.

“After Grow® Teeth-Tec™ provides the best teeth shape combination and function which supports to grind the herb in the best way as well as recovering all the resin detached during the grinding process.

Hefty magnetic closure: After Grow® uses the bigger size magnet with stronger power to protect your herb in your THORINDER™.

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Unscratchable strong Clear Top: Did you ever aware Thorinder™ clear top isn’t scratched on any table’s surface? After Grow® takes care of all the details and brings you the best grinding experience. Strong material also helps.

Ergonomic slim waist for a better grip: Thorinder™ ergonomic waist brings you a very best control while grinding.

Made from high grade anodised aluminium, ergonomic grip and super sharp teeth, the Thorinder is the next level of grinders. Inspired by legends, the lightning bolt design is worthy of the gods, herb passes through the lightning shaped sifter holes to create perfect results. Thorinder grinders also have a magnetic lid, with a clear top, which allows you to see the herb being ground down.

Each Thorinder grinder comes complete in a presentation box with an anti-counterfeit sticker which ensures you are getting the real deal.

In addition to our range of After Grow Thorinder grinders, we also stock a great range of After Grow Solinder grinders, Bud Buddy grinders and a variety of other great herb grinders.

Premium matt finnish black grinder from After Grow. Innovative design with ergonomic grip and clear top design. Smooth grinding action on par with Kannastor and Space Case. 62mm diameter. Comes in a novel presentation box.

Its lightening bolt design is inspired by Zeus’ weapon of choice and its strength and durability is influenced by Thors legendary hammer.

Buy Thorinder Grinder by After Grow | 62mm Online

The design of the Thorinder is not only beautiful but it has been manufactured to be as functional as possible. It’s lightening bolt sifting holes ensure your herbs are ground to the perfect consistency every time.

The Thorinder’s magnetic lid ensure your herbs are safe at all times and Its ergonomic slim waist ensure that the grinder feels secure and comfortable to use.

This four piece grinder from After Grow also includes a funky looking scraper tool that is embellished with the After Grow logo.


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