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The Sundae Driver # looks, smells and feels absolutely insane; to be honest, it’s like no other weed you’ve seen before.

The nugs are a great size, extremely dense and sticky, which should always make you happy.

The nugs look beautiful too with a nice dark green color and a hint of purple, which is always great when looking at an indica dominant, and it’s filled with trichomes (which are those crystal like hairs on the bud which creates cannabinoids like THC).

Instead of a pungent smell like most OG’s, it has an extremely sweet, creamy scent, and this strain honestly smells like a smoothie.


Another heater from the Cannarado line of genetics, sundae driver. Has certainly been a stand out over the last year in the cannabis community.

This was a hard to get. Limited drop of seeds due to its rareness and popularity.

One seed pack auctioned off for $2,000 this genetic is a smooth smoke, offering sweet and creamy terpenes with an underlying hint of fruitiness.

Sundae driver has strong OG like effects perfect for pain relief and putting your mind into relaxation mode.


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