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Ever wonder why you see pineapple imagery all over in people’s houses no matter how far they are from a tropical place? That is because the glorious pineapple symbolizes everything we want in a home; warmth, friendship, and hospitality. Now you can have all those good vibes in your smoke sessions! The Pineapple Hand Pipe is expertly themed glass complete with a realistic feel and leafs. The body of the steamroller has criss cross ridges that not only give the pipe a realistic look but also a more formidable grip. The design fits easily into your hand, keeping the hand pipe from falling. The green colored glass leafs surround the mouthpiece and have believable details as well. The mouthpiece matches the green of the glass leafs and looks like a straw. This kind of shaped mouthpiece makes inhaling very easy as you do the same kind of sipping method you would use with a big gulp. On the other end of the Pineapple Hand Pipe is a carb hole. The front facing carb hole creates a wind tunnel effect, sending the smoke rushing into your lungs for very effective hits. Control this airflow simply by placing your index finger on top of the hole and release when you are ready. The end with the carb hole is flat so the hand pipe can stand on its own when not in use. A bowl is built right into the top side of the steamroller. Although the pipe is only about five inches long, you can still recieve actual pineapple sized tokes. Smaller than its fruity counterpart, the Pineapple Hand Pipe can travel with you anywhere pineapples are grown and further.

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This unique heavy pineapple 5″ glass pipe is perfect for the home. The pipe is also an interesting piece of workmanship, you can put it on the table. This cute pipe will make a great gift or addition to your collection of tobacco pipes.

*** Any items broken in transit will be replaced or refunded.
*** We offer free shipping and discreet outer packing.
*** 5″ inches in length
*** Super cute fun unique pineapple pipe
*** Created with high-quality borosilicate glass and colors, you get what you pay for.
*** Yellow and green
*** Unique art design
*** Collectible
*** Hand made and blown
*** Colors and size may slightly change due to item being hand made

Buy pine apple pipe Online

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