Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 18% – 21%, CBN: 1%

Sour Diesel meets an original Afghani or Hawaiian strain in this sativa-dominant hybrid (60:40 sativa/indica ratio). NYC Diesel carries strong sativa genes from its Sour Diesel mother, while the father plant was either indica- or sativa-dominant. This strain is a good choice for busy days and social occasions, as it provides a peppy cerebral high with strong energy. THC levels can exceed 21%, making this a particularly potent medical option. CBD concentration, on the other hand, is very low, typical for a sativa. The high comes with a strong shot of euphoria, a mood boost, and a spark of creativity. It’s most useful when treating anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. It can also be an effective appetite stimulant. Negative effects are limited, especially paranoia, and that makes this an ideal choice for patients suffering from chronic anxiety. A strong, pungent fuel flavor predominates in this Diesel descendant, along with additional chemical notes. NYC Diesel should be relatively easy to find in New York State, though it’s probably more popular on the West Coast, especially in California, Oregon, and Washington State. It is also sold in Nevada and Michigan.


NYC Diesel (1 ounce)

New York City Diesel, or NYC Diesel marijuana, is an award-winning 50/50% hybrid strain with 17-21% of THC content and 1% of CBD on average. This pot variety is perfect for socializing, and many choose it as a daily smoke. The NYC Diesel Strain lineage includes Mexican, and Afghani X Hawaiian landraces and is bred by Soma Sacred Seeds, where it is also called Soma Sour Diesel.

NYC Diesel Marijuana was the winner of nine Cannabis Cup Trophies in the last twenty years for its high quality and pleasant, citrus scent and flavor, including a few first-place wins.
Strain Aroma and Taste

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NYC Diesel is known for its wonderful lime and grapefruit citrus scent that is zesty, herbal, and spicy. When exhaling, the smoke will also smell like pine, herbs, and fuel.

It offers a sweet, citrusy flavor that is tinged with hints of diesel. The taste is much less potent than the scent.
Main Effects

The high produced from NYC strain is energizing, creativity inducing, and perfect for socializing. The effects of this weed are praised for the lack of paranoia and the uplifting properties. Most people experience an uplifted or euphoric feeling when using this pot strain and enjoy the other side effects of being relaxed but also socialized.

Buy NYC Diesel (1 ounce) Online

Medical effects of New York City Diesel include reducing stress and anxiety, relieving depression, and easing pain and nausea. NYC Weed also has a powerful “munchies” inducing effect that can be advantageous for those with eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

Negative effects of this strain include couch lock for novice users and for people who use too much. The common side effect are dry mouth, red eyes, and a headache or dizziness can also be experienced; however, these effects are not inclusive to the NYC strain.
Grow tips

NYC Diesel weed is considered hard to grow but yields three to six ounces per square foot, which is why it is a favorite for large-scale growers. New York City Diesel weed can take up to 11 weeks to flower. Its seeds are available at online stores and local dispensaries.


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