Sativa/Indica: 70% / 30%
THC 22%

Lemoncello Haze won the High Times cannabis cup of 2008, this mostly Sativa strain is a cross breed of Lemon Ice and XTRM Super Silver Haze. This plant is a high yielder with massive buds which are dense packed. As you would expect this mix gives a plant with a citrus fresh scent and taste and with a THC of 22% is used for pain relief, it also is highly relaxing and an appetite


Lemoncello 28 grams

Limoncello, also known as “Lemoncello” and “Lemonchello 28,” is a well-balanced hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing The Original Lemonnade and Cherry Pie. This strain produces compact green and purple buds with orange hairs and a thick coat of resin. With a delightful flavor profile of lemon and cherry with crisp citrus overtones, Limoncello leaves consumers feeling mellow and relaxed.

Limoncello, also named Lemoncello or Lemonchello 28, is a perfectly balanced hybrid that induces a moderate high. It is a child strain of The Original Lemonade and Cherry Pie. It first blossomed under the control of breeders from Growing Passion.

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The average potency of around 14% – 18% THC makes this weed appropriate for most users, not depending on the tolerance level. Sour lemon and fresh berries aroma made Limoncello cannabis lots of fans. Uses who smoked this weed noted the crispy citrusy and cherry taste on the exhale.

Lemonchello 28 weed induces both Indica and Sativa effects. It hits fast with a head buzz, that later spreads all over the body. Users describe this cannabis as a great one for unwinding after the working day. It stimulates the mind and relaxing the body without putting you to a sleepy condition.

Buy Lemoncello 28 grams Online

According to the reviewers, Limoncello strain is appropriate for any part of the day. It would be an excellent choice for enjoying nature, music, art or the company of close friends. Those who want to relieve mild to moderate pains, nausea or headache use it as a treatment. Depression and stress commonly disappear right after smoking because of the happiness it provides. However, consumers prone to anxiety may get worsen their symptoms with this marijuana.

Limoncello cannabis is not available in seeds on the market, so there is no option to grow this herb at home.


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