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Indica-dominant hybrid

THC 20%

Gelato is a super sweet, slightly indica-dominant hybrid from the renowned Cookie Family. This tasty flower is a hybrid cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet.

A potent and deliciously fruity morsel, it has inherited potency and a delightful taste from both parents.

Featuring around 20% THC, Gelato is considered a strong cannabis strain.

Experience with the herb is recommended for this bud. Novice consumers or those with a low tolerance may find this strain to be a little sedative.

In high doses, this strain is known to make people feel dizzy. Though, overall it provides a deeply relaxed and euphoric experience.

The aroma of this strain is stand-out. This Bay Area bud has a bold floral aroma with plenty of pungency.

Gelato’s slightly acidic tones are nicely balanced by a sweet berry flavor and aroma. Hints of citrus give this happy flower a little bite.

This strain has a bit of a funk to it, which makes it pair well with dessert cheeses, like brie.

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